Defending the White Collar Case

March 12, 2012 at 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Practice Areas: White Collar and Government Investigations
Attorneys: Ibach, Karen; Sheppard, Mark

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The CLE Conference Center, Wanamaker Building
Philadelphia, PA
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Montgomery McCracken partners Ellen Brotman, Karen Ibach and Mark Sheppard are faculty members for "Defending the White Collar Case" seminar presented by The Pennsylvania Bar Institute.  Ms. Brotman also serves as course planner.

The F.B.I. defines white collar crime as "a full range of frauds committed by business and government professionals." These offenses can range from minor benefits fraud to sophisticated Ponzi schemes, and include the non-filing taxpayer as well as the complicated tax shelter promotion. While each case requires subject matter expertise, the successful defense of white collar cases hinges on a combination of skill, creativity and judgment. These offenses present special challenges: the issues are complex, the documents are confusing and oft en voluminous and the press coverage may be helping the prosecutor persuade your jurors before you even get a chance to meet them. The lawyers who regularly handle such cases understand that they involve corporate and individual defendants who are targeted as much for who they are as for what they did and that lives, careers and corporate existence are on the line.

Acclaimed for covering a wide spectrum of relevant topics, thoroughly discussed by recognized, experienced practitioners, this program will examine the substantive and procedural nuances of white collar defense. Topics will explore the white collar case from investigation through appeal; each panel will offer legal updates as well as provide nuts and bolts advice and techniques for each stage of the case.

Topics include:

  • When the Government Comes Knocking: Dealing with the Early Morning Search Warrant and Visit from the Agents
  • Initial Responses to a Government Subpoena:Strategy, Privilege and Immunity Issues
  • Keep it Real: Pre-Trial Motion Practice in Federal Criminal Trial
  • Sneak Attack:Trying Your Case to Avoid Conscious Avoidance
  • Sentencing: The Principle of Parsimony: When does it mean Probation
  • Last Ups: Preserving Issues, Writing Briefs, and Preparing for Oral Argument on Appeal
  • United States Attorneys' Roundtable: A Frank Discussion with the Region's Top Federal Law Enforcement Officers

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