Letter from the Chairman

I am proud that as Chairman of Montgomery McCracken and as chair of the firm’s Diversity Committee, I am directly involved with diversity initiatives at the firm and in the larger legal community. Throughout the decades, Montgomery McCracken has generally been at the forefront of efforts to welcome all talented individuals into the legal profession, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability or other personal characteristics. I am eager to build upon that tradition.

Today, we remain committed to providing everyone at the firm with opportunities to develop personally and professionally in a setting that promotes inclusiveness, acceptance and cooperation. By doing so, we strengthen our firm and are better able to provide creative and effective services to our clients. I believe that the high quality of the services we provide is enhanced by the unique drive, independence, and spirit brought to the table by each and every individual at the firm. The sum of our parts is greater through the recognition of and respect for diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.

I look forward to continuing and deepening Montgomery McCracken’s commitment to inclusion and diversity and to partnering with the legal community in diversity initiatives in the future.

Richard L. Scheff
Firm Chairman & Diversity Committee Chair