YIKES! Operation Varsity Blues

March 13, 2019

Everyone in the Higher Education world is now aware of the Federal investigation into bribery/fraud schemes to “guarantee” admission of particular students to Higher Education institutions.  We have summarized the allegations here.

Thus far the charges are against parents, coaches, school and testing administrators, and outside participants and facilitators of the scheme, which involves bribery, money laundering and, perhaps, tax fraud.  At this point it appears that the students are not being charged, and the schools are being portrayed as victims of the criminal violations.  The investigation is said to be ongoing.

Any decision by a school to separately investigate, whether with or without knowledge or suspicion of a scheme, or red flags, should be carefully vetted.  The other important consideration is what public face to put on any investigation, even if it does not touch your campus.  As well, responses to government subpoena or warrant, or requests/demands for interviews should be planned in advance.  Doing so with counsel may offer some privilege protection for your planning process.

Our Higher Education and White Collar and Government Investigations Groups can offer assistance with any of your questions or planning on these issues.