Firm Obtains Pretrial Diversion for Defendant in Pa. Turnpike Corruption Case

For Release: September 30, 2014

Partner Mark Sheppard obtained deferred dismissal on behalf of a former vice president of a global, publicly traded, IT company in one of the most significant corruption/”pay to play” investigations undertaken by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Attorney General’s office. The client had been accused of improperly conspiring with senior Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission officials in order to procure approximately $82 million in computer contracts. After substantial pretrial litigation, including seven days of evidentiary hearings and legal argument, on September 29, the Office of Attorney General agreed to offer the client accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD), which is a pretrial diversion program that allows the client to continue to maintain his innocence and, following a two year period of probation, will result in the outright dismissal of the charges and full expungement of the client’s arrest record.

Associates Erin Dougherty, Rachel Jacobson, Priya Roy and Carrie Sarhangi provided assistance.