Medical Malpractice Defense / Defending Hospitals and Doctors

Montgomery McCracken regularly defends medical and health care professionals in claims of alleged malpractice. Recently Montgomery McCracken won a defense verdict in a medical negligence/malpractice case against a pre-eminent pediatric hospital and doctor.

The plaintiff, then a nine year old, was admitted, diagnosed and treated for a very serious kidney disease. While being treated as an outpatient, the child suffered a stroke, probably as a result of malignant hypertension.

The plaintiff claimed that there should have been more blood pressure monitoring, that more powerful, short-acting anti-hypertensives should have been prescribed, and that there was inadequate communication with the Spanish speaking mother of the child, as to the warning signs.

The jury concluded that the doctor was not negligent and that the hospital was not the “factual cause” of the stroke and its aftermath. The damages proposed by plaintiffs’ experts included $13.7 million for past and future medical treatment and life care, a wage loss of approximately $700,000, and pain and suffering.