Montgomery McCracken Obtains Dismissal of Internet Defamation Claims Against Intelius

For Release: July 31, 2014

Montgomery McCracken of counsel Kristen E. Polovoy, assisted by partner Jeremy D. Mishkin, recently obtained dismissal of internet defamation claims on behalf of client Intelius, a leading internet information search company, in a case pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.

In the case, the plaintiff alleged generally that numerous individuals and/or Internet companies (including Intelius, Google, Yahoo! and others) conspired to defame him through the publication of data in articles, photos, and voice recordings on several webpages across various Internet sites that were locatable by using defendants’ search tools. The plaintiff claimed that defendants violated various common law and statutes (including the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, civil rights laws, and reverse age discrimination under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act).

On behalf of Intelius, Montgomery McCracken moved to dismiss the Amended Complaint under the Communications Decency Act. On July 31, the court granted the motion to dismiss, finding that the Communications Decency Act provides immunity from any cause of action that would make service providers liable for information originating with a third-party user of the service.

About Intelius

inome, inc., dba Intelius, is an information commerce company founded in 2003 that has become a leader in online people data, delivering comprehensive information about individuals, their histories and their connections to others.