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Legal Aspects of Concussion: The Ever-Evolving Standard of Care

March 13, 2017

National Athletic Trainers’ Association, Inc., Journal of Athletic Training

Today, when an athlete is catastrophically injured while playing a sport, litigation often follows. The likelihood of litigation is even…

Post-Spokeo, Not All Statutory Violations Are Created Equal

February 10, 2017


When the U.S. Supreme Court decided Spokeo Inc. v. Robins, 136 S. Ct. 1540 (2016), a little over a year…

The Saga of the Athos I Litigation Continues: Recent Decision on Safe Berth Warranty and Wharfinger’s Negligence

January 30, 2017

Eugene J. O'Connor

In a meticulous 174-page Opinion handed down on July 25, 2016, following an 8-week trial held in the spring of…

The U.S. House just passed a bill that will make startup demo days more accessible

January 13, 2017 Philly

On Tuesday, January 10, the U.S. House of Representatives once again passed a bill designed to make it easier for…

What Bai Brands’ $1.7 billion exit could mean for Philly startups

December 28, 2016 Philly

Bai means “pure” in Mandarin Chinese but it may begin to mean something else for startups in the Philadelphia area,…

A Disparaging Trademark

December 20, 2016

IP Litigator

Montgomery McCracken associate James L. Gannon, II authored the article, “A Disparaging Trademark?” The article on Asian-American rock band The Slants…

The Post-Daimler Split On In Personam Jurisdiction

September 19, 2016


The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Daimler AG v. Bauman has altered the legal landscape as to where a corporate defendant, foreign or…

“Therapy Animals” Unleashed in University Housing

June 16, 2016

The University of Nebraska at Kearney signed a consent order with the U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) and Kent State…

What lawyers should know about “Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark”

June 8, 2016

Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal

Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark – or “GRESB” as it is commonly known – is emerging as the leading way…

EPA’s Use of Emergency Administrative Orders Under the Safe Drinking Water Act

May 26, 2016

Westlaw Journal Environmental

It will come as a surprise to absolutely no one that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued an emergency administrative…

Fruit of the poisonous tree… How far down do GMO roots extend?

May 10, 2016

Food Navigator-USA

‘Fat-free,’ ‘non-dairy,’ ‘all-natural’, ‘sugar-free’, ‘gluten-free’ . . . are all in recent history’s hit parade of terms perceived by many…

Defending ‘Non-GMO’ Consumer Fraud Class Actions

May 9, 2016


In recent years, food manufacturers have witnessed an extraordinary uptick in consumer fraud class actions over use of the term…

Know Your Phish: 4 Keys to Combating Spear-Phishing Campaigns

May 4, 2016

Security Magazine

One hundred billion: it’s a staggering number that is tough to put in perspective.  There are approximately one hundred billion…

The International Collapse of OW Bunker

April 20, 2016

DRI's For The Defense

Think Globally, For The Defense, April 2016 Christopher Scott D’Angelo:157006 Robert E. O’Connor:225791 14.00 In January 2014, Denmark’s OW Bunker…

Pharmaceutical Promotion Compliance: Avoiding the Common Mistakes

April 4, 2016

Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor

There are certain key questions to keep in mind when creating promotional materials for prescription drugs and reviewing these materials…

Political Prosecution: The Unconstitutional Rick Perry Case

March 22, 2016


In August 2014, then-Texas Gov. Rick Perry was indicted for threatening to exercise a veto and then carrying through with that…

Learn the 5 keys to boosting the effectiveness of your cybersecurity program

March 21, 2016

Campus Legal Advisor

Colleges and universities are a treasure trove of information for hackers, from intellectual property rights and research data collection to…

Bequeathing IRAs: The Case for Charitable Remainder Unitrusts

February 8, 2016

Tax Notes

I. A Bold Claim For most healthy adult children of upper-middle-income families, the after-tax amounts to be received over a…

NJCFA: Will This Finally Be The Year For Change?

November 4, 2015

The Barrister

New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act, N.J.S.A. 56:8-1, et seq. (“NJCFA”), is among our country’s most aggressive. Cooper v. Samsung, 374…

Navigating the Nebulous Legal Landscape of Cybersecurity

November 2, 2015

Security Magazine

Your privacy and security policies could be deemed to be unfair and deceptive, especially if there is a data breach….