Where 5 Top MDLs Stand At The End Of 2017

December 21, 2017

By Cara Salvatore

Multidistrict litigation dockets sizzled in 2017 with a spate of notable bellwether trials and a handful of attention-grabbing settlements, as well as centralization of litigation over some of the year’s biggest corporate scandals.


“The settlements do not address personal injury claims, and they do not address property damage claims where the property damage is something other than the car itself,” said Christopher Scott D’Angelo of Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads LLP. “Those will continue.”

But personal injury is “a very different kettle of fish,” D’Angelo said. “Takata has pled guilty to a number of crimes … so that certainly suggests that they have issues, let’s put it that way. And of course with the big size of the recall that’s out there, there seems to be a recognition” of the magnitude of the liability it could be facing.


“The bankruptcy throws a little bit of a wrinkle in the whole thing,” D’Angelo said. “It’s not clear, at least to me yet, what that’s going to mean in terms of these claims. Presumably in the bankruptcy there will be some kind of pot put together to deal with claims, and that will have to be coordinated [with the MDL].”


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