Christie’s Chief of Staff Testifies In Front Of GWB Committee

June 11, 2014

By David Cruz

Chief of Staff Kevin O’Dowd is the highest-ranking Christie administration official to testify before the joint committee, but a blockbuster revelation befitting O’Dowd’s stature was not forthcoming today.

“I would like to start my appearance today making very clear to the committee that I had no prior knowledge of or played no role in the decision to close the lanes at the bridge last September,” said O’Dowd.


“Objection, co-chairman, he’s answered this question directly three or four times,” said Paul Zoubek, O’Dowd’s attorney.

“Counsel, I think his answers can speak for themselves, but if we’re going to have an objection every time there’s a question asked. There’s not a jury here. Consider this a bench trial,” said Wisniewski.

“But it is clear, as well, co-chairman that there are other proceedings underway here and it’s absolutely vitally important that the record is clear here and all I’m trying to do is assist the committee in a clear record,” said Zoubek.

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