Farnese lawyer: If $6K payment harmed rival and consultant, where’s their outrage?

January 26, 2017

The Philadelphia Inquirer
By Jeremy Roebuck

If, as prosecutors tell it, State Sen. Larry Farnese stole a 2011 election for ward leader with a $6,000 bribe, two men at the center of the alleged scandal don’t seem particularly aggrieved.


Huntington acknowledged, under cross-examination by Farnese lawyer Mark Sheppard, that Chapman never informed him of the details of whatever financial agreement she made with Farnese and could not say whether Farnese had offered the tuition payment in exchange for Chapman’s vote. He had never discussed the alleged deal with Farnese himself, Huntington said.


What’s more, Sheppard noted in his cross-examination, Chapman’s vote was hardly crucial in the ward leader race. In his opening argument Tuesday, the defense lawyer had questioned why his client would go to the trouble of bribing one committeewoman when he already had rallied overwhelming support for his election.


“I would think he had enough votes to win it” without her, Sheppard said.


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Farnese is represented by Montgomery McCracken partner Mark B. Sheppard.