Ft. Bragg General Sinclair Sentenced to Loss of Pay, Early Retirement. No Prison

March 20, 2014

ABC 11 WTVD-TV (Raleigh-Durham, N.C.)
By Nicole Carr

BRAGG, N.C. (WTVD) — It took less than ten minutes for Colonel James Pohl to issue General Jeffrey Sinclair his sentence void of prison time Thursday.


Sinclair, 51, pleaded guilty to adultery, maltreatment of his main accuser, obstruction of justice, and several other lesser charges than sex assault. Those assault charges were dropped over the weekend, as a part of a plea deal cut after Pohl ruled that Unlawful Command Influence had damaged the high-profile case. That was evidenced in e-mails between several military legal authorities that suggested the case had been prosecuted because of political pressure.


“I do believe that part of what the sentence reflects is the fact that General Sinclair has been unfairly labeled as a sex offender for the past two years,” said defense attorney Ellen Brotman, following the ruling. “And (he) has suffered under that unfair labeling and these false accusations, and that was a terrible punishment that he never deserved.”

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