March 4, 2008

               Montgomery McCracken Chairman to Head Board
                 Responsible for Overseeing Prison Operations

PHILADELPHIA, March 4, 2008 – Montgomery McCracken today announced that Stephen A. Madva, chairman of the firm, has been appointed head of the Board of Trustees of the Philadelphia Prison System by Mayor Michael Nutter. The Board of Trustees’ primary role is to provide guidance for and oversight of daily operations within the Philadelphia Prison System, which includes six facilities. This includes measures to secure and control the population of the prison, as well to educate and prepare inmates for re-entry into society, an initiative the Mayor has highlighted among his priorities.

“I’m honored to have been chosen to help tackle an issue so critical to the future of the Philadelphia region,” said Madva. “Progress comes only when we step up and take an active role in making positive change happen. In appointing me to help address challenges in the prison system, Mayor Nutter has given me an incredible opportunity to do that.”

In November, Philadelphia City Council unanimously approved Mayor Nutter’s Philadelphia Re-Entry Employment Program (PREP) Bill, which provides tax credits to businesses and non-profits that hire ex-offenders, helping reintegrate them into the workforce and into civil society. As cited by Mayor Nutter in his proposal, recent research by the National Academy of Science showed that employment is the strongest predictor of an adult ex-prisoner’s likelihood to return to prison.

“It is our obligation to support programs that will make the biggest difference in improving the lives of community members throughout our region,” Madva continued. “Dedicating our resources to the issue of inmates’ re-entry into society is an important step we need to take.”

Madva has volunteered a considerable amount of time to the Mayor’s efforts to reduce crime and recidivism, having been appointed chair of the Prison Reform Transition Committee when Nutter was elected. Prior to Nutter’s election, Madva had also served as co-chair of the Crimes Policy Transition  Committee, a multidisciplinary task force brought together to make recommendations on reducing violence throughout the city by focusing on subjects such as education, counseling, re-entry, prison over-crowding, the police and the courts.

In addition to his recent appointment, Madva serves as chairman of the Board of Governors of St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and chairman of the board of directors of The Opera Company of Philadelphia. He is also on the boards of St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children, The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, The Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, The Defender Association of Philadelphia, Community Legal Services, and the Central Philadelphia Development Corporation (CPDC). Madva is also on the board of the Police Athletic League, who will honor him this year at the 2008 PAL Annual Award Dinner.

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