The Old-Fashioned Lobby Suggestion Box Gets a 21st-Century Upgrade

September 28, 2017

The Cooperator
By A.J. Sidransky

Like just about everything else we encounter and use every day, the lines of communication in a co-op or condo building have been scrutinized, analyzed, and updated for the cyber age. The question is whether that new approach has made co-op and condo owners’ favorite pastime of complaining and making suggestions any more convenient or efficient. Here’s a look at how communication within the multifamily housing setting has evolved.


What’s New and Interesting?

Now there’s an app on the market to facilitate such interaction between residents provided by BuildingLink, according to Julie Schechter, an associate attorney with Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads. The Resident App provides both information to residents and an open forum for communication among neighbors. The app can be used by residents to put in service requests with the super, and even sell items, like furniture or concert tickets.  It is also used to alert residents when a package or dry cleaning has been received by the doorman.


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