Privacy Concerns? What Google Now Says It Can Do with Your Data

April 17, 2014

The Christian Science Monitor
By Gloria Goodale

This week’s updates to Google’s terms of service spotlight the degree to which it considers anything you upload to any of its various services – YouTube, Google plus, etc. – to be fair game.

Against a backdrop of growing privacy concerns, with every week bringing revelations of data breaches at government or corporate websites, online search behemoth Google quietly updated its terms of service Monday, spelling out just how much personal data it mines as part of its normal business model.


“Whatever Google does matters since it is the 800-pound gorilla online,” says attorney Jeremy Mishkin, co-chair of the litigation department at Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads in Philadelphia.

“The new policy means that if a user shares information with one arm of Google, they’re sharing it with the whole shebang,” he adds via e-mail. The revisions underline this point stating: “This analysis occurs as the content is sent, received, and when it is stored.”

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