Put Hershey funds to good use

December 7, 2016

The Philadelphia Inquirer
By Larry Berger

Two articles about the Hershey School and its $12.5 billion in assets (“Loads of cash, less charity,” Nov. 6; “Reimagining Hershey’s dream,” Sunday) highlighted an ongoing tragedy. When Milton Hershey created his plan to help needy children in Hershey, the size of his gift was likely commensurate with the mission. Today, the assets far outstrip the need – a remarkable situation.

Nonprofit law expert Don Kramer rightly suggests that the school’s board seek court approval to expand its mission. Although the educational needs of many children in Pennsylvania are not being met, the board fails to leverage Milton and Catherine Hershey’s generosity. It seemingly prefers to hide behind a provision of the gift that limits the school’s mission.

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