Alternative Dispute Resolution

The complexities of modern interaction require astute businesses and individuals to look beyond the traditional litigation model to resolve disputes.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Group gives parties options in dispute resolution that maximize their own control and minimize the impact of inevitable conflict. The attorneys in our group combine years of experience in the federal and state courts to assist businesses and individuals in avoiding protracted litigation and its concomitant costs and burdens. We believe that the best resolution of a dispute is one that derives from the parties’ own decisions.


Through mediation, we act as neutral facilitators to assist the parties in arriving at mutually beneficial resolutions to their conflicts. Our mediation can be effective at any stage of litigation, from its initial stages to appeal following trial. We foster trust and collaboration through strict confidentiality in a controlled environment. When voluntarily undertaken, mediation gives the power back to the parties to quickly and satisfactorily resolve disputes.


When greater intervention is desired, entities often turn to arbitration to resolve disputes short of litigation. Whether binding or non-binding, arbitration offers parties the opportunity to competitively present evidence to an independent decision-maker and obtain a prompt result. Our attorneys’ scope of substantive expertise is broad, thus allowing us to serve entities in a plethora of commercial, employment, or personal disputes.

We offer alternatives in dispute resolution for business disputes, employment cases, legal fee disputes, civil, and commercial disputes.