White Collar and Government Investigations

Montgomery McCracken’s White Collar and Government Investigations practice is a highly experienced group of attorneys providing extensive experience in a wide range of proceedings, including criminal matters, internal investigations, fraud-related civil litigation, and negotiations with government authorities.

The practice is led by former prosecutors with the United States Department of Justice and seasoned defense lawyers. Due to this strong background, our team responds efficiently and effectively to a myriad of circumstances where significant liberty and financial interests are at stake.  In addition to representing corporate and individual clients, the attorneys of Montgomery McCracken offer a wide range of programs that educate clients on how to comply with applicable laws and avoid potential violations.

Our lawyers have experience in matters such as:

  • corporate investigations
  • white collar defense
  • compliance programs
  • government litigation
  • enforcement of securities, healthcare, environmental, antitrust and tax laws
  • mail and wire fraud statutes
  • the Hobbs Act
  • RICO
  • trade secret litigation
  • fraud-related civil litigation
  • False Claims Act matters

Our attorneys also work energetically to protect each client’s all-important public image.  As a result of this dedication, we can often help mitigate the collateral effects of an investigation, whatever the legal outcome.

The costs of criminal investigations or indictments force corporations or individuals to confront the most difficult consequences of all – protecting one’s freedom, financial health, and reputation.  At Montgomery McCracken, our lawyers will be your most effective advocate – earning your trust and using the experience necessary to produce successful results for our clients.

Visit the firm’s White Collar Alert blog for the latest news and updates concerning white collar criminal defense, internal investigations, government litigation, and regulatory compliance.

Representative Matters

Over the years we have successfully represented clients in a wide range cases. Due to the confidential nature of the white collar and government investigations practice, Montgomery McCracken is not in a position to advertise all of our recent client successes. A sampling of our publishable representations include:

  • We secured a six month split sentence for our client in a federal tax matter despite the fact that the tax loss was more than $2 million dollars.
  • We secured a deferred prosecution with an expungement agreement on behalf of our client in a high-profile public corruption prosecution related to the awarding of a $90 million dollar contract.
  • We achieved the declination of criminal antitrust charges involving alleged price fixing for a major aerospace manufacturer and a major packaging company following aggressive factual and legal investigations.
  • We successfully resolved investigations of hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, long term care.
  • We represented facilities and physicians involving allegations of kickbacks, improper marketing and rebates, false billing.
  • We negotiated a favorable plea agreement of wide-ranging fraud charges for an investment advisor accused of defrauding numerous school districts of $70 million by successfully proving that the charges overstated the alleged illegal conduct and that the government had lost critical evidence favorable to the defense.
  • We conducted an internal investigation into alleged conflict of interest by the chief executive officer of a major public utility.
  • We achieved the voluntary dismissal of felony violations of the Clean Water Act and a plea to a single misdemeanor charge for an official of a nationwide waste hauler by securing the recantation of the testimony of a key government witness thereby making it impossible to prove the requisite intent element of the felony charges.
  • We drafted and implemented compliance programs for physician practices, nursing homes, and hospitals.
  • We obtained the voluntary dismissal of a major federal indictment in one of the first prosecutions under the Economic Espionage Act by establishing through defense investigation that our client should not have been charged.

Representative clients

– Major pharmaceutical companies
– Several financial institutions and their executives
– Major accounting firms
– A major aerospace manufacturer
– Hospitals, nursing home facilities, and physician practices
– Environmental testing laboratories
– Major paper and packaging companies