Internet Law Update 2013 – The First Amendment Online

April 10, 2013

Jeremy D. Mishkin, a partner with Montgomery McCracken was a speaker at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute presentation “Internet Law Update.”  Mishkin discussed some of the First Amendment issues associated with online communication, such as defamation, protecting the right to free speech online and the costs and benefits of crowdsourcing and anonymous speech on the web.  In addition, Mishkin analyzed current legal strategies being used to suppress online communications, explained the workings of key statutes such as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the Communications Decency Act, and outlined the arguments for and against treating social media users as “news media” for First Amendment purposes.

Mishkin is the chairman of Montgomery McCracken’s Litigation Department.  His practice, which is national in scope, focuses on First Amendment/media law issues, technology, the Internet and complex commercial matters.  He speaks on a variety of Internet and social media-related topics, privacy online, defamation, and censorship.