Montgomery McCracken’s Rapid Response Team offers 24/7 access to a group of dedicated and trained attorneys.

Montgomery McCracken’s Rapid Response Team is designed to guide you through emergency situations on your terms and your timetable. Crises requiring immediate legal and regulatory guidance can strike at any time. Our team will be here for you every time.

For instance, conduct triggering a Title IX-compliant response can occur at any time, and often requires immediate action to ensure relevant evidence is secured, potential witnesses are contacted, and participants and stakeholders’ safety is secured and protected pending a fair and complete investigation. Sexual misconduct allegations within your company can wreak havoc on morale, expose the company to liability, and jeopardize both survivors and the accused if not timely investigated. In a business environment, online incidents can pose a serious threat to operations, customer relations and reputation.

Trusted Counsel

Our Rapid Response Team is comprised of skilled attorneys in our Sexual Misconduct Liability, Institutional Response, E-Commerce, and Digital Crisis Management practices. We offer decades of combined civil and criminal experience in labor and employment matters, Title IX compliance, higher education law, and free speech and defamation cases.

Rapid Response Line

Our Rapid Response Team is available 24/7 through our Rapid Response Line at 1-833-647-1582. Institutional clients can count on a SUNY-SCI certified and emergency-trained attorneys to answer the call to ensure integrity and trauma-informed practices in your investigations from start to finish.