About the Firm


How collaboration is our best practice

Montgomery McCracken’s collaborative approach – in all we do – delivers access to the right people at the right time, efficiencies in our work, and outcomes our clients need and expect. Fully engaged in our clients’ objectives, we deliver advice that empowers informed decision making and decisive actions. With Montgomery McCracken, our team becomes an extension of yours.

Our clients are publicly traded and privately held companies of all sizes, nonprofit organizations, educational and governmental entities, and individuals across a broad spectrum of industries. We represent them in complex litigation, intellectual property, bankruptcy and financial restructuring, corporate, business, tax, and regulatory matters.

Among all of our practices, collaboration is our best.

One size does not fit all. We command the resources necessary to provide a multidisciplinary approach to meeting the legal challenges of some of the most sophisticated clients in the marketplace. At the same time, we scale our operations to maximize flexibility, ensure attorney responsiveness and accountability, capitalize on emerging technology, and focus our attention on that which matters most – our clients, be they small or large, or their needs routine or complex.

Firmly rooted in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware, we counsel clients and litigate in courts throughout the United States and abroad. We take pride in providing a sophisticated level of legal service to our clients as seasoned and trusted advisors, treating our clients’ challenges as though they were our own.

Montgomery McCracken was founded more than a century ago by respected Philadelphia lawyers, among them Owen J. Roberts, who achieved national prominence as a United States Supreme Court Justice. Their commitment to excellence in the practice of law is the foundation of our firm and our compass for the century that lies ahead. We are proud of our history and culture and remain committed to providing our clients with superior legal counsel. We employ an agile staffing model commensurate with the specific needs at hand to ensure that services are delivered in a responsive, collaborative, and cost-effective manner.