Intellectual Property

Covering all major areas of Intellectual Property law with the focus of a boutique and the backing of a large firm.

We partner with clients ranging in size from large corporations to startups. We offer IP services – both transactional and litigation – involving Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, Licensing and Counseling. Our attorneys have represented clients in courts across the world and have cultivated long-standing relationships with international officials, companies and law firms.

Our lawyers draw on their technical backgrounds as research engineers and scientists, which allows for a deeper understanding and insight into our clients’ intellectual property needs.


Clients and Industries

We represent U.S. and international clients in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, software, kitchen and bath products, plastic bottles and packaging, valves and fittings, and medical device industries.

International Connections

We leverage our international relationships to better service our clients. Our specific experience with Chinese companies, officials and law firms, enables us to have a particular focus on managing clients’ patent and trademark portfolios in China, including securing and prosecuting infringers in the Chinese court system.

Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

We provide the full range of services for patent, trademark and copyright matters.  From handling each detail of the filings to counseling to litigation, both domestically and abroad, we work with our clients every step of the way.

Patent and Trademark Litigation and Prosecution

Our team of IP litigators is experienced in litigating – both defending and prosecuting – claims of patent infringement throughout a wide range of industries and across international venues. Our team of patent and trademark prosecution attorneys apply state of-the-art prosecution techniques based on the latest precedents and techniques from the USPTO, PTAB, and TTAB.  Our team has the trial experience to handle complex cases, and the technical and business backgrounds to fully understand what these cases mean to you.

Trade Secrets

Our team regularly partners with clients to protect their trade secrets from theft by competitors or employees. We work with the firm’s existing Labor and Employment practice to represent employers and employees in disputes involving trade secrets, noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements, the employee duty of loyalty, and similar matters.

Services for Startups

We work with startups, including early-stage companies in incubator programs, and entrepreneurs to protect their greatest assets: the company’s IP portfolio. We aim to assist businesses with implementing appropriate intellectual property strategies and securing intellectual property protection, and we provide several services, including:

  • Nondisclosure Agreements
  • Trademark screening searches
  • Trademark full availability searches
  • Patent searches and attorney opinions
  • Patent applications
  • Intellectual property assignment agreements

In addition, our team partners with the firm’s Corporate & Securities practice to provide counsel on matters such as choice of entity, formation, initial capitalization and financing, contractual matters, and the applicability of various laws to initial business activities.

Our team is driven by entrepreneurship and we are committed to offering our startup clients with educational resources, flexible billing arrangements and focus.

Representative Matters
  • Ace Ina Holdings, Inc. et al v. Ace Insurance Agency, LLC et al, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Accu-Time Systems, Inc. v. Bioscrypt, Inc., (E.D. Pa.)
  • Adams Mfg, Corp v. A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts, Inc. et al, (W.D. Pa.)
  • Alan Schmidt v. John Skolas, et al, (3d Cir.)
  • Allen Organ Company v. Galanti Organ, et al, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Aloft Media LLC v. Microsoft Corporation, (E.D. Tex.)
  • Apparel Productions Inc. v. Nina McLemore Inc. et al, (S.D.N.Y.)
  • Ascio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals, LLC, (N.D. Ga.)
  • Automated Facilities Management Corporation et al v. DPSI et al, (D. Neb.)
  • Blenheim Group, LLC v. International Innovation Company USA, INC. et al, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Bros. et al v. Simon, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Bruso v. Bureau Vander, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Capricorn Pharma Inc. v. Matrixx Initiatives Inc. et al, (D. Del.)
  • Casella Wines Pty Ltd v. Bronco Wine Company et al, (S.D.N.Y.)
  • Casella Wines Pty Ltd. v. The Wine Group LLC, (S.D.N.Y.)
  • Catheter Flushing v. AngioDynamics et al, (D. Utah)
  • Cigars International, Inc. v. Famous Smoke Shop, Inc. et al, (E.D. Pa.)
  • CR Bard v. Medical Components, (D. Utah)
  • Cross Atlantic Capital Partners, Inc. v. Facebook, Inc. et al, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Eli Lilly and Company v. Glenmark Generics Inc., USA, (S.D. Ind.)
  • Emerson Electric Co. v. Lutron Electronics, (E.D. Mo.)
  • Ethidium Health Systems, LLC v. Take Care Health Systems, LLC et al, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Fox Television Stations, Inc. v. Pilat Media Limited, (S.D.N.Y.)
  • Frankford Candy & Chocolate Co Inc v. Johnson et al, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Gail-Neilson Facilitators Inc vs Adoptions From Heart Inc, (Pa. Comm. Pleas Ct.)
  • Gannett Fleming, Inc v. Christensen, et al, (E.D. Va.)
  • In re: Medical Components, Inc., (Fed. Cir.)
  • Invisible Fence Co. v. Dogwatch, Inc., (E.D. Pa.)
  • MagSil Corporation et al v. Seagate Technology et al, (D. Del.)
  • Matrix PT LLC v. Tweel Home Furnishings Inc et al, (D. Conn.)
  • Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. v. Capricorn Pharma Inc., (D. Ariz.)
  • Medical Components, Inc. v. Angio Dynamics, Inc., (E.D. Pa.)
  • Medical Components, Inc. v. Arrow International, Inc., (E.D. Pa.)
  • Medical Components, et al v. Diatek, Inc., (M.D.N.C.)
  • Medical Components, Inc. v. Grunwald et al, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Medical Components, Inc. v. Spire Biomedical, Inc. et al, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Medical Components v. Tyco Healthcare, L.P, (E.D. Pa)
  • Milliken & Milliken v. Loxcreen Company, (M.D. Fla.)
  • Moore Products Co. v. Johnson Yokogawa Cor, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Munoz-Ramos v. Edmund Newman,Inc., et al, (D. Mass.)
  • Munoz-Ramos v. Newman, Inc., et al, (1st Cir.)
  • Nike, Inc. v. Campomar, S.L., et al, (S.D. Fla.)
  • PA Manufacturers v. Liberty Life Assur, et al, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Penda Corporation v. Car-Mic Enterprises, et al, (W.D. Pa.)
  • Penda Corporation v. STK, L.L.C., (E.D. Pa.)
  • Penda Corporation v. STK, L.L.C., et al, (W.D. Pa.)
  • Penda Corporation v. Stylecraft Auto Seat Cover Co., Inc. et al, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Pfizer, Inc. et al v. Macleods Pharmaceuticals LTD, (S.D.N.Y.)
  • PMG Systems, Inc. v. Devine, et al, (E.D. Pa.)
  • QVC, Inc. v. Qdoba Restaurant Corporation, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Reading Terminal Market Corporation v. O’Neil, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Schmidt v. Skolas et al, (E.D. Pa.)
  • SFA Systems, LLC v. Infor Global Solutions, (E.D. Tex.)
  • Shah et al v. Pasternak et al, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Strohl Systems Group v. CAFM Solutions Inc, (C.D. Cal.)
  • Triangle Container Corporation et al v. Padilla, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Triton IP, LLC v. Sage Group, PLC, (D. Minn)
  • UCB Inc. et al v. Accord Healthcare Inc. et al, (D. Del.)
  • UCB Inc. et al v. Glenmark Generics Inc. USA et al, (D. Del.)
  • Wescho Company, Inc. v. Corrigan Corporation, (E.D. Pa.)
  • Westinghouse Lighting Corporation, et al. v. Asian Electronics Limited, (E.D. Pa.)

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