Pennsylvania Now Requiring Licensed Athletic Trainers?

August 22, 2019

While you’re deciding whether to attend our Higher Education Forum on Friday, October 25 (PRE-REGISTER), make sure your lawyers and athletic departments know about this week’s Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision in Feleccia v. Lackawanna College.

It’s a football injury case, in which the Court held:

  • That Lackawanna had a duty to provide duly licensed athletic trainers for its student athletes participating in athletic events.
  • That Lackawanna’s very broad waiver-of-liability form, signed by the student athletes, would not bar recovery for claims based on the school’s gross negligence or recklessness.

There’s a lot more in this 30 page opinion, plus concurrence and dissent, but this is the nutshell. Please be careful.

We’ll be publishing a more extensive analysis in the Fall edition of the Montgomery McCracken-sponsored, Sports Medicine and the Law.