Drone Usage Beneficial on Projects – But They’re Not Toys

January 15, 2020
Modern Contractor Solutions Magazine

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Drones are used more and more in construction projects—whether for inspections, surveys, designs, monitoring, progress reports, site management and safety, as-builts, etc., or in troubleshooting or responding to warranty or other issues, or in addressing claims—and with good reason. Especially as technology and user-friendliness advance, they provide efficiency, improved safety, better usability (think 3D imagery or modeling for example) and records.

But they are not toys; their use requires more than just learning how to operate and control the device. There are a number of regulations and other laws that are involved, as well as other risks and practical considerations, and the user must be familiar with and comply with those regulations and laws and be sure to operate the drone in a way to address those other concerns.


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