Gordon challenges Meyer on residency as election looms

October 21, 2016

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New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon wants Matt Meyer thrown off the general election ballot.


Sid Liebesman, Gordon’s attorney, said the credit card bill Meyer provided, alone wasn’t good enough.

“That’s woefully insufficient at this point, once there has been a challenge made…and we do not believe that credit card invoices is sufficient–you can use any address. It’s absolutely no proof of registry, especially when there are tax documents that suggest that he was not a resident during the relevant time period.”

The complaint letter claims that Meyer swore under the penalty of perjury that he was a non-resident of Delaware for the full year of 2011 when Liebesman said he filed an individual non-resident income tax return. The letter also claimed Meyer hasn’t paid Wilmington city taxes for five years, despite claiming to be a city resident.


Liebesman said they’d like to see tax returns, insurance forms, and cellphone documentation that show calls made from within Delaware.


If Meyer didn’t meet the residency requirements, Liebesman said the Democratic Party would be forced to select another candidate before the Nov. 8 general election to run against Republican nominee Mark Blake.

“It is Tom Gordon’s hope that it is him that is chosen–it makes the most sense–he’s the incumbent, he only lost by 2,000-some votes, and he knows the position in the county very well,” said Liebesman.


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