‘Have they locked the doors?’ Judge presses for details on Hershey charity spat with board member.

August 31, 2021
The Philadelphia Inquirer

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With claims of millions of dollars unaccounted for at the Milton Hershey School, a judge considered Tuesday whether a board member’s lawsuit for access to financial records should go forward.

The mounting feud between Pennsylvania’s wealthiest charity and one of its board members was on full display in a Harrisburg courtroom Tuesday, as a judge pressed lawyers for both sides on the details of a months-long fight over internal spending details.

Robert Heist, the board member, says in court records that millions of dollars have gone unaccounted for at the Milton Hershey School and that he’s been denied access to financial records that would help explain why.


Directors of a charity typically have access to financial documents. “A director of a nonprofit corporation in Pennsylvania is fundamentally allowed to see the books and records of the organization to determine whether the funds are being spent properly,” Don Kramer, chairman of the nonprofit practice at Philadelphia law firm Montgomery McCracken, said earlier this year.


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