Legal Brief: 8 Considerations for Potential Acquisition

April 18, 2022
Security Business Magazine

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With so many security businesses being acquired and merged, owners are being approached on a daily basis. Know what to do when it happens to you.

You have worked hard for many years as an owner of a company. Maybe you hired employees, raised capital, grew the business, and invested your heart and soul.

Suppose another company wants to buy or merge with yours. As an acquisition target, there are many issues to consider, including financial, legal and personal. With many security business owners in this very situation, here are eight things to consider:

1. Make sure there is a match. People are usually the greatest asset of any company; however, people are also innately tribal. I do not mean that disparagingly – it is simply human nature to align with or feel allegiance to one team over another. However, the long-term success of a merged business requires that people work together, not in opposition. So, when assessing a merger opportunity, you must consider whether the cultures of each organization are a sufficient match to allow for success.


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