Legal Brief: Biometrics Law in New York

September 13, 2021
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New rules regulating commercial establishments could have far-reaching implications.

Several of my prior columns have addressed the use of biometrics, analyzing such issues as the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, facial recognition use by large retailersNew York’s SHIELD Act, a trial facial recognition program to protect the White House, and using biometrics to return to work after COVID-19

Why do I write on this topic so frequently? Because the law in this area is quickly evolving – and if security companies and integrators do not stay current, there could be serious consequences for them and their customers.

New York City Passes New Biometric Law

The latest legal development in biometrics is a New York City law that took effect in July 2021 that applies to retail stores, places of entertainment, and food and drink establishments. The new law requires that businesses notify customers if they use biometric identifier technology, and it also prohibits them from selling biometric identifier information.


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