Legal Brief: Customer Education and Business Protection

December 13, 2021
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Teaching end-users about the functionality of their systems is a key aspect of limiting a security company’s potential liability

Knowing how to drive a car, use a computer or use a smartphone are all part of our daily lives. We study, take classes, read manuals or learn just by using them. Why would the approach for a life safety device – like an alarm system – be any different?

Unfortunately, too many end-users do not take the time to learn how to use their system and miss out on its full functionality as a result. Then, when something bad happens, they blame a security company for the alleged inadequacies of the system or its purported failure.

More often than not, the security system performed exactly as the customer set it to perform and as it was designed to perform. Just as common, the security system could have done what the customer alleges it should have done – if only they set it properly.

That the customer did not understand the functionality of his or her system is not something that should be attributed to the security company – but an aggrieved customer will almost always make that claim in litigation.


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