Legal Brief: Paper, Scissors, Rock – Legal Covers Marketing

April 22, 2024
Security Business Magazine

Types : Bylined Articles

Liability lessons to consider before releasing your marketing materials

John worked hard in college. He earned a degree in marketing and joined the marketing department of a large security company. Susie also worked hard in college. She also went to law school. After a few years in the private practice of law, she joined the legal department of the same large security company where John works.

John led the effort to develop marketing materials and user guides for his company’s residential security products and services. He did a great job with the graphic design and the colors. He endeavored to give useful information to the company’s customers about how to use their system, its features, how to reduce false alarms, and other helpful information.

John was eager to get his work to the printer and distribute it to new and existing customers. His company intended to publish these materials on its website and to supply a paper copy during new installations.

Not so fast John. Remember Susie? As legal counsel to the company, she must review John’s draft marketing materials and user guide. What a drag!