Legal Brief: Taking Your Contracts Beyond Borders

October 8, 2021
Security Business Magazine

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Be sure to seek counsel when it comes to protecting your relationships with international subcontractors

I remember years ago when I got a new car with GPS navigation. I drove the car home from the dealer for the first time, following the path detailed by new friend, the GPS navigation voice lady. As I slowed to turn up my driveway, the voice lady declared (almost triumphantly), “You have arrived.”

It felt as if I had – and not just geographically.

Maybe your business has arrived. Maybe now you are finally in the right place at the right time, and your business is expanding – even internationally.

If this is true, it is time to step up your sophistication level and make sure your growth and success are properly guarded. This means investing in your company and getting your legal house in order.


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