NCCo Executive Gordon wants man who beat him off ballot

October 21, 2016
The News Journal

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New Castle County Executive Thomas P. Gordon has asked state election officials to disqualify Matt Meyer from the November general election ballot, claiming the winner of the September Democratic primary has not lived in the county long enough to qualify for office.

Gordon’s personal attorney, Sidney S. Liebesman, on Tuesday filed a complaint with the Delaware Department of Elections, saying tax documents filed by Meyer prove he has not lived in the county the five consecutive years required to be executive.


Meyer’s defeat of Gordon came after a campaign where the challenger questioned the ethics of the incumbent. Liebesman said Meyer, who fashioned himself as a proponent of “ethics and transparency,” must now prove he has followed state rules.

“It is not just where you lay your head down once a month or where you send a bill for convenience,” Liebesman said. “It is where you reside. He has to prove that.”


“We are expecting that he produce real documentation showing that he was a resident during the relevant time period and that is something much more than a credit card bill,” Liebesman said.


The issue may be appealed to the New Castle County Superior Court if election officials are satisfied by Meyer’s evidence, Liebesman said.

Liebesman said he feels Gordon should be considered in that case.

“It just makes the most sense that if the Democratic Party has the opportunity to certify another candidate, it would be Tom Gordon based on his experience, the fact he beat Mark Blake in the last general election, and he only lost by about 2,000 votes in the primary,” Liebesman said.

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