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Coster v. UIP Companies, Inc.: Delaware Supreme Court Reminds That Entire Fairness Is Not A Ticket To Ride Where Critical Stockholder Rights Impaired

July 29, 2021

A recent en banc opinion by the Delaware Supreme Court furnishes an important reminder that, in some transactional paradigms, discharging…

From the First Amendment to Final Exams: How Digital Crises Are Striking Schools

June 24, 2021

First Amendment law has struggled to stay apace with the ways in which people—especially teenagers—communicate. But while student speech rights…

EEOC and OSHA Update Guidance on Key Considerations Regarding COVID-19 Vaccinations

June 10, 2021

As businesses seek to re-open and return to pre-pandemic work environments, employers should know that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission…

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Is Not Nearly As Broad As Some Prosecutors Claim: Van Buren v. U.S.

June 4, 2021

I Find Authority Always Wins, or how a police officer – bribed to check a license plate – got SCOTUS…

U.S. Supreme Court Clarifies Fair Use Defense Under Copyright Law as Tech Innovators Win Significant Victory in Google v. Oracle

April 12, 2021

On April 5, 2021, the United States Supreme Court held that tech giant Google, which used code from the Oracle-owned…

Philadelphia Requires Paid COVID-19 Sick Leave for Related Reasons

April 7, 2021

Effective March 29, 2021, Philadelphia amended and expanded the Public Health Emergency Leave (“PHEL”) requirements to provide up to 80…

Online Speakers – Where Can You Be Sued?

April 5, 2021

If you use any social network, your posts can go everywhere. But does that mean you can be sued anywhere?…

Senator Sanders Introduces “99.5% Act” Which Would Increase Estate Taxes and Overhaul Estate Planning

March 26, 2021

Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced in the Senate what he calls the “99.5% Act” (the “Act”). For individuals dying and…

Important COBRA Changes in the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

March 18, 2021

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (“ARPA”), among other things, subsidizes COBRA health insurance premiums for laid off workers…

Executive Order Sets Title IX Priorities: What to Expect & How to Make Your Institutional Voice Heard

March 9, 2021

Less than two months after his inauguration and in the midst of a global pandemic, a workforce in crisis, threats…

NJ Recreational Cannabis Law Raises Questions for Employers

March 8, 2021

On February 22, 2021, Governor Phil Murphy legalized the recreational use of cannabis for persons age 21 and older with…

New Jersey Legalizes Adult-Use Cannabis Market

February 22, 2021

Today, Governor Phil Murphy signed three pieces of enabling legislation into law that legalizes the recreational use of cannabis for…

New Jersey Appellate Division Largely Sides with Department of Health’s Rejection of Certain Applications for Medical Marijuana Licenses

February 18, 2021

Today, the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, issued an opinion (per curiam) largely affirming the New Jersey Department…

Title IX & Tenure: How Separate Standards Can Sow Institutional Discord

February 18, 2021

In 2017 and 2018, under Obama-era guidance, a tenured professor with Ohio University was determined responsible for violating the school’s…

Delaware Supreme Court Limits Damages for Fraud in the Absence of a Contract

February 8, 2021

Perhaps the most important factor in deciding whether to litigate a commercial dispute is assessing available damages should you prevail….

$2.5M Judgment Against University for Overseas Sex Assault Serves as Reminder that Liability is Not Limited to Title IX

February 4, 2021

On February 2, 2021, the Rhode Island School of Design (“RISD”) was found to be liable under a theory of…

States Challenge DOL’s Final Rule Regulating Tipped Employee’s Wages

January 27, 2021

Last Tuesday, January 19, 2021, nine state Attorneys General filed suit against the Department of Labor (“DOL”) in the U.S….

CFPB Adopts Strict Liability Standard for Debt Collectors Who Sue or Threaten Suit Over Time-Barred Debt

January 22, 2021

On January 19, 2021, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) published its final debt collection rules in the Federal Register,…

USDA Issues Final Rule Regarding Hemp Production Program

January 21, 2021

On January 15, 2021, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued a final rule governing the Establishment of a Domestic…

Dismissal of Chapter 11 Case Calls Into Question Bankruptcy Protections for Cannabis Companies

January 15, 2021

Despite a company’s claim that it deals only in legal hemp products, a federal court this week denied the company’s…