Ahead of the Class

With the risk of class action litigation on the rise, companies in all industries are looking for new and better ways to protect themselves. Ahead of the Class focuses on class action defense, addressing current cases and decisions, trends and strategies associated with class action lawsuits.

Data Privacy Alert

Confidential business and consumer information is one of the most valuable assets to any organization. Liability concerns over the privacy and security of employee and customer information is paramount, as evidenced by the daily headlines of data breaches and thefts. Comprised of multiple legal specialties including technology, information governance, government-driven and internal corporate investigations, class actions, employment liability and litigation, the Data Privacy Alert bloggers cover the latest news and updates on a wide range of matters, including privacy, data protection, information security, Internet and computer law, e-commerce, consumer protection, outsourcing, information management and records retention and responding to cybercrimes and data breaches.

NonProfit Issues

Focused on nonprofit law and written for nonprofit executives and their advisors, Nonprofit Issues provides clear, concise and comprehensive coverage on a wide range of issues that affect nonprofits every day.

Private Business Counsel

Private Business Counsel provides trending news, insights and legal analysis on private company corporate matters. The blog covers a wide range of topics, including management issues, business succession matters, entity formation, capital venture funding, tax structuring, startup counseling, and formation and operations of businesses.

White Collar Alert

Companies and individuals are increasingly regulated, investigated and prosecuted for white collar criminal offenses. White Collar Alert provides news and insight to counsel and legal observers concerning white collar criminal defense, internal investigations, government litigation and regulatory compliance.