Readers: Startlingly rich Milton Hershey School should expand mission with $12B

December 2, 2016

The Philadelphia Inquirer
By Bob Fernandez

Tears came to the eyes of a retired Pennsylvania college president thinking about what could be done with Milton Hershey’s untapped billions of dollars.


Donald Kramer, a lawyer with the Montgomery McCracken law firm in Philadelphia and an expert on nonprofit law, said the Hershey School’s board or perhaps the attorney general could seek Orphans’ Court approval to broaden the Hershey charity’s mission.

One way would be to show that Hershey has failed its mission to educate poor children, and that’s not true, Kramer said.

A more modest and practical option would be to seek a “deviation” through the court that would allow changes to Hershey’s original mission, such as opening schools outside Hershey, Kramer said.

Taking this route, the charity could tell the court that it has too much money to reasonably use for impoverished children in Hershey and could expand in other ways, Kramer said.

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