YWCA respite program returns to Chatham

April 3, 2017

Cape Cod Times
By Mary Ann Bragg

CHATHAM — A decades old summer respite program for Philadelphian women that’s been shuttered for three years will reopen after a court decision Thursday.

“This case is over now,” said attorney Albert Piccerilli, who represents the Avis Chase Women’s Association of Philadelphia, which operates the program in three historic houses on Water Street.

The houses, with 11 bedrooms in total, once belonged to Chatham native Avis Chase, who in 1887 married a Philadelphia ship captain but continued to summer in Chatham until her death in 1953.


The houses, with an assessed value of $6.2 million, were owned by the Philadelphia group throughout the litigation, but the two parties agreed to shut down the respite program until the legal challenge was resolved, Piccerilli said.


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