PA lawmakers, regulators struggle to address PFAS chemical contamination

April 21, 2019
Bucks County Courier Times

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Pennsylvania lawmakers and regulators say they’re frustrated with the EPA’s lack of urgency to address PFAS chemicals impacting communities in southeast Pennsylvania. But the state is having trouble getting its own regulations in place, and some say there are actions the DEP could already be taking.


Tim Bergére, an environmental attorney in Pennsylvania who previously worked for the DEP, helped to draft the legislation. He says the combination of a hazardous substances listing and a drinking water limit lower than the EPA’s advisory would provide a powerful one-two legal punch, enabling the state, impacted towns, or even private citizens to seek a claim against the military. But due to quirks in the law, both would need to be in place to have strong legal standing.

“It would allow any person, including municipalities and water authorities, to recover their costs of investigating and remediating releases of PFAS,” Bergére said.


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