Private Capital and Emerging Companies

At Montgomery McCracken we recognize the passion shared by founders of emerging companies and the investors who allow these companies to effect real change.

Montgomery McCracken’s Private Capital and Emerging Companies Practice draws attorneys from practice areas that are integral to supporting those working at the crossroads between the law and innovative technology – corporate and securities, intellectual property, labor and employment, tax, and litigation. Our attorneys have assisted many well-known local, national, and international businesses in forming, growing, and prospering by helping investors and founders finance or create new products and services. Our clients range from traditional “brick and mortar” businesses to cutting edge digital enterprises. Montgomery McCracken also represents dozens of leading colleges and universities, making us uniquely positioned to provide guidance in issues involving technology transfer and related commercialization.

Our team of professionals at Montgomery McCracken has:

  • Decades of experience representing founders and investors in a wide variety of business sectors;
  • Taught and counseled entrepreneurs at local institutions of higher education;
  • Access to and is comprised of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs;
  • A large network of contacts – VCs, angel investors, corporate investors, bankers, entrepreneurs, accountants, consultants, etc.; and
  • Experience writing and speaking on topics that include planning profitable exit strategies, and obtaining angel and venture capital funding for early-stage companies.

Montgomery McCracken works with founder groups, emerging companies and individual and institutional investors, and our focus on innovation and smart business practices has continued to grow along with the growth of our firm. We’re committed to retaining a small-firm feel, generating prompt, insightful legal solutions. Our only goal when providing legal counsel is to make sure that we are providing the cost-efficient, personalized and professional services that you deserve. When you work with Montgomery McCracken’s Private Capital and Emerging Companies practice group, you will be working with many fields’ leading subject matter experts.

Our clients benefit directly from our depth of legal knowledge and experience, as well as our substantial networking capacity. Although Montgomery McCracken provides full-service legal capabilities, our Private Capital and Emerging Companies Practice is uniquely positioned to provide counsel to both private capital and emerging companies in the following areas:

  • Company formation and choice of entity;
  • Protecting and securing proprietary intellectual property;
  • Capitalization structure;
  • Key contracts with vendors, suppliers, lenders, or employees;
  • Securities offerings, private and public;
  • Tax strategies;
  • Strategic acquisitions, investments, and liquidity events;
  • Funding sources, professional service providers and members of the entrepreneurial community;
  • Debt, convertible debt, and equity funding at all stages (e.g., friends and family, angel, seed, venture capital, and private equity);
  • Day-to-day legal counsel at all stages of the company’s lifecycle;
  • Preservation of wealth for investors and creditors; and
  • Preparation of term sheets and investment documents.

For founder groups, although you might not be at the stage where you need or you think you need legal counsel, we are happy to speak with you to introduce our team. For individuals or institutional investors, even if you are not contemplating a specific investment at this time, we welcome the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our network.

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