Verizon strike becomes increasingly bitter

May 12, 2016
The News Journal

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The tense standoff between Verizon and itsstriking workers has turned increasingly bitter in Delaware and along the East Coast.

Verizon has alleged picketers have cut cable and phone lines and harassed replacement technicians.

Union leaders charge the cut lines are the result of Verizon using untrained workers and the company has misrepresented these incidents to curry public favor.

Both sides are refusing to back away from their rhetoric.


“This is a particularly nasty and personalstrike,” said Louis Moffa, Jr., a labor and employment lawyer who teachesat the University of Delaware. “It is not typical.”


Moffa agreed the law extends such protections as long as the picketers do not block traffic or expand their protest beyond where the vehicle is parked.

“It is technically legal,” Moffa said. “But if you have a private property you have more rights than a public business. They cannot trespass on your property.”


Moffa said the longer the strike continues, the worse he expects both sides’ rhetoric to become.


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