Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Central theme for Internet Law Committee Presentation

December 19, 2012

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Jeremy D. Mishkin, a partner with Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads LLP, delivered the Media Law Resource Center’s Internet Law Committee presentation of ‘Computer Fraud and Abuse Act – From the Basics to the Cutting Edges.’  Mishkin described how a law aimed at punishing those who hacked into mainframe computers, enacted before widespread use of the Internet, has become a central part of business litigation in the 21st century.  Lawsuits today frequently involve computer-use and data access issues and claims under the CFAA are rampant.  Faced with a law that was not drafted with today’s technology in mind, Courts are issuing increasingly divergent interpretations of some key provisions.  One decision now faces potential Supreme Court review.

Mishkin is the chairman of Montgomery McCracken’s Litigation Department and of the firm’s E-Commerce, Social Media & Web-based Business practice.  His practice is national in scope and focuses on First Amendment/media law issues, as well as technology, the Internet and complex commercial matters.

Mishkin writes and lectures on a variety of topics relating to the Internet, including social media, communications and privacy online, as well as defamation, censorship and access in both traditional and new media.