Drone Usage: Now a Must for Construction Projects

April 25, 2023
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While historically the construction industry has generally been slow to adopt new technologies, of late it has shown an increasing—and necessary— acceptance of the use of drones. In fact, it appears that the construction industry is the leading sector in using drones.

Drones provide effective and efficient capabilities for inspections, surveys, designs, monitoring, progress reports, site management and safety, as-builts, etc., or in troubleshooting or responding to warranty or other issues, or in addressing claims—and with good reason. More and more firms are recognizing the importance of this tool, especially as technology and user-friendliness has advanced and more personnel have become accustomed to and proficient in the use of drones. In this article, we update our earlier article on the use of drones.

Drones have improved dramatically and continue to do so almost daily. Airframes are better, flight capabilities are better, cameras have higher and impressive resolutions, and more cameras and sensors can be deployed. Artificial intelligence and laser scanning are being used to eliminate unwanted data and improve accuracy and reliability, to make more usable and accurate model.



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