Men’s Health Awareness Month – Q&A with Timothy Semenoro

November 29, 2022

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November is Men’s Health Awareness Month. According to, testicular cancer is the #1 cancer amongst young guys. Yet 62% of those who are most risk do not know how to check themselves. However, when caught early, testicular cancer is highly treatable and curable.

In our 4-part series highlighting Men’s Health Awareness Month, Sophia Bullard, Crew Health Programme Director for the UK P&I Club, is interviewing some men across the maritime industry in a short Q&A session on the subject of wellbeing.

Our third interviewee is Timothy Semenoro, Partner at Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads LLP.

Short background/career history
I have been part of the maritime industry for over 20 years. After graduating from Webb Institute, with a double degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineer, I worked for a few years at a boutique design office focusing on concept designs and pricing for new construction, retrofit repairs and reflagging of ro-ro vessels. Following Tulane University Law School, I started as a subrogation lawyer and shifted years ago to representing vessel interests in instances of cargo loss, casualties, contractual disputes and anything else that needs doing.

I am presently a partner at the New York City office of Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads LLP, and the Co-chair of its Maritime and Transportation practice group.