Your Web Page – Key Questions

April 6, 2010

These questions come from Montgomery McCracken.  We recommend that you review your web page with this list in front of you.

  1. Domain name rights
    Do you own your domain name? If not, do you have sufficient rights to it?
  2. Web site design and hosting
    Do you have the right to control the look and content of your own web page?
  3. Web page security
    Do you use adequate security measures to deter hackers?
  4. How your page treats visitors
    Do you need Terms of Service? Click-wrap?
  5. Web page content
    Is there material on your web page that could expose you to liability?
  6. Information collected from Users
    Do you collect information about visitors in accordance with your Privacy Policy? Would your web page be better if it had a trustmark?
  7. Publication Liability
    Does your web page permit users to post messages? Could that leave you with liability for what they say?
  8. Employment Issues
    Do you have the proper policy that governs use of computers, internet access and e-mail in the workplace?
  9. Globalization
    Do you do business with customers in the EU? If so, you may need to consider how to comply with the EU Privacy requirements

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